Fun Friday!

Happy Friday😀

We have had a crazy fun day! It was beautiful and around 90 degrees. So I wanted to plan some fun outdoor activities.

This morning we went to the playground, before it got to hot. She had so much fun and conquered the chain ladder! She was super proud of herself🙂 She spent a lot of time swinging and singing🎤. The other kids loved her❤️

After lunch we went to my parents to swim. I have never heard so much laughter. She was jumping and splashing….me. Lol. I jumped in a few times. She told me to get out, as usual😂. She loves her big circle floating toy. She will sit on it and float forever. If I want to get in the water I will need my own pool. So I lay on my blanket and read it listen to my latest audiobook.

After swimming we cooled off watching her new favorite show Puppy Dog Pals. Then we ate some yummy cooked out burgers. Once home we will shower and relax with a Friday night/PJ movie night🥰

I hope all of you are healthy and well.

Welcome to all of my new followers 😁

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