Life is About to Get Busy😲

Life in our home is about to get BUSY! As I was helping Chloe get dressed this morning I get a phone call scheduling another therapy session for Chloe. I’m not complaining, but phew I gotta get a schedule book!

So far she has Behavioral 2 days a week, OT once a week, PT once a week and Speech once a week. Two of the therapies are an hour away. The waiting lists are crazy long, so I took what was offered. We are still wasting to see her psychiatrist for medication next week for the first time. I know I mentioned that yesterday.

So here is the important part if this post. I don’t wasn’t life to be chaotic for us, so how do I prevent that? No before lunch appointments. Chloe is not a morning person. She needs time to wake up and follow her routIne. If she is rushed she will get anxious and grumpy fast! She will even shut down. So all appointment are after 12. This will also be important when school starts. A few of the therapists will actually go to her school to treat her, so she won’t miss school time. That’s very important.

Until school starts I want her to have plenty of park play and swimming time between therapies. I am working on a new visual routine for her to use until school resumes. She hasn’t been receptive on trying to dress herself. She still sits there and waits for help. She has made strides in teeth brushing and hair brushing.

The OT is working on steps to dressing herself, so I’m staying on that with her. I am also rearranging her room to make learning zones for she and I to play at. She hasn’t wanted to do any arts and crafts this summer, so I am working on creating an art center in her room. I miss her drawing .

So as life gets busier we have to adapt, but keep things smooth as well.

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️

2 thoughts on “Life is About to Get Busy😲”

  1. I am so happy that Chloe has got all therapies lined up. I know it gets very hectic, but the results would be amazing. You are one super mom who inspires so many out there including me. Stay blessed. 🙂

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