Playgrounds Are Open😊

Good morning🙂

Yesterday was a happy day for Chloe. Playgrounds have been shut down for months since the Covid-19 virus began. This has been very tough for Chloe to understand. Parks and playgrounds are where we spend most of our Spring, Summer and Fall.

A friend of mine messaged me that the playgrounds reopened and I knew Chloe was going to be ready to go! I was going to take her to a small playground in the country, but then remembered one down the road from our home. I wanted her first experience back to the park to be fun, with few to no children there. We lucked out and there were no children there. The more children at the park or playground raises her anxiety.

She had so much fun climbing, sliding and swinging. It is such a nice park with plenty of shade and picnic tables. I told her we would plan some picnics. The virus is still raging on, so we are taking precautions. Hand sanitizing constantly and we won’t play if there are tons of kids there.

Chloe needs to get plenty of exercise every day. I love that this park is close enough to us that we could go every day.

As places open up it is exciting for Chloe, but I still have to put rules in place to protect us. Be careful out there everyone ❤️

1 thought on “Playgrounds Are Open😊”

  1. I’m so glad she was able to enjoy her time at the park. It really is the small things that make such a difference. I cant wait until they re open the parks where we are for our boys to be able to enjoy like they would before

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