Physical Therapy Evaluation

Today was Chloe’s Physical Therapy Evaluation. I was nervous since Chloe has never qualified for this type of therapy before.

The only place I could get her in was 48 minutes away, but it is a good therapy center and worth the drive. They have a center closer to us, so hopefully they will have an opening down the road and we can transfer. Although if she bonds well with her therapist I won’t move her. A good relationship between your child and their therapist is very important.

So we arrive for the evaluation and Chloe is ready to go, but because of the virus we have to wait in the car. She was super confused about that. We go in and walk through the funnest looking playroom ever!! I knew I was in trouble. The therapist said we had to go to the evaluation room. Chloe started saying “Gym” over and over.

We get through the evaluation, with Chloe saying “Gym” a hundred times. The great news is she did qualify😁. The tough news is I have to make her an appointment at the Orthopedic center here to be assessed for splints and braces for her feet. She is going to be one upset girl, but it has to be done to correct her walking problem. So we start to leave and Chloe starts pushing me to get to the playroom. She is very strong, since she is my size now😲. She had a pretty good tantrum, but I finally got her to the car. Oh let me mention Miss Chloe has been awake since 1am!!! So she is tired and moody.

We finally get home, have dinner and a bubble bath. Then I had her play in her room. No TV to overstimulate her even more. At 7:30 she was asleep 😌

This is a busy week for us with every day full of either therapies or evaluations. It can be overwhelming. The toughest part is all the restrictions now because of the virus. Chloe doesn’t understand why she can’t do what she use to do at therapy. She will adjust hopefully, since we don’t know when or if things will get back to normal anytime soon.

Tomorrow is her usual OT therapy, so it will hopefully go smoothly. I’m praying she sleeps all night, as that will help for sure!

I hope everyone is staying healthy❤️

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