New Therapy

Today Chloe started a new therapy. She is now going to Behavioral therapy twice a week.

This type of therapy will help Chloe learn to deal with her feelings and respond appropriately. She can list every feeling from mad to excited, but tends to confuse them when I or anyone tried to help her share her own feelings.

I sat in the waiting area today and could hear her session. She was cracking me up. She was definitely trying to take charge. It will take her awhile to adjust to therapy again. Her therapist is such a wonderful lady. Chloe loves her already. Instead of one long session once a week, she will go twice s week and have shorter sessions. Her attention span is super short right now, so shorter sessions will work best.

I am looking forward to seeing how Chloe learns through this therapy. I am hoping she will eventually know how to express her feelings and have less meltdowns.

Thanks for stopping by today. Everyone stay healthy out there❤️

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