Back To Therapy☺️

Hello everyone 😊

Yesterday was Chloe’s first day back to Occupational Therapy since Covid-19 shut everything down. She was so excited to see her therapist again.

Things were quite different and she wasn’t so sure about the changes. We had to wait in the car and call inside to sign her in. Then her therapist came out to get her. She took Chloe’s temperature and asked me questions about viral symptoms. Chloe was not fond of the mask and face shield her OT was wearing. Chloe wasn’t required to wear a mask. She has refused to wear one so far. I keep working with her though.

She worked on following a picture card schedule about getting dressed. She didn’t undress or dress, but answered questions about how to put on specific pieces of clothing. I have been working with her at home, but her stubbornness is strong. Lol

They also worked on emotions. Chloe has an issue with anyone showing any emotion except happiness. Even when she is mad or sad she says “Happy”!! She won’t discuss mad or sad. They played a game working on those specific emotions.

It was a great first session! Chloe enjoyed herself and came out smiling 😊. She is already looking forward to next week.

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. Welcome to my new followers ☺️

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