Simple Saturday Chat

Good morning ☺️

As I was thinking about what to write about today, one word popped into my head. Peace ✌🏻

How I long for peace in my daily life. Right now Chloe is fussing because she wants to go to her Nana and Papaw right now!! She has zero patience and gets whiny when she has to wait. It can definitely press on your nerves😣

Life as a special needs parent is rarely ever peaceful. You never know how your child is going to wake up. They could sleep all night and still wake up mad at the world. I’m just sitting here sipping my coffee and taking deep breaths until she is done fussing.

I have been thinking of ways to add a peaceful atmosphere to our little home here. One thing we already do is rarely have the tv on. If it wasn’t for Chloe watching a movie here or there I’ve considered not having a TV anymore, I’m just burned out on it. I prefer turning on the radio or listening to music on my phone.

I’m also looking for places to go that are peaceful. We do love our local nature park. When it’s not super crowded it’s a very peaceful place to walk and listen to the birds. So many places are still shut down, so we go there a lot.

Reading is another peaceful activity. I love audio books. I lay back, put my ear pods in and close my eyes. Chloe is playing in her room and I can still hear her. Writing is also a peaceful activity for me.

So how do you maintain peace in your life? Share below.

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