How Does She Do It?


I have been drinking more coffee than usual the past 3 days. Not cappuccino, but coffee! Why? Because Miss Chloe is not sleeping again. Now I’m not talking getting up a few times at night. No I’m talking not falling asleep until 2 am. Last night it was 4:45 am😮

She tells me “No Sleep, wake up”!! Here is the crazy part….she runs like the Energizer Bunny the whole next day! It’s crazy! I don’t know how she does it. I, on the other hand, am dragging. As I am posting this she is still talking in her bed. My well meaning friends tell me “When she lays down you go to bed”. Hmmm I would love to, but I get zero time alone until she’s in bed. Plus if I lay down and get comfy, it’s like she had radar and starts saying “Mom” over and over. So I wait until she is sound asleep.

Good news is today I found her a new psychiatrist to work with me on her medication. I think she has adjusted to her current medication and it no longer works. Hoping there is something new she can try. Lack of sleep affects Chloe cognitively and emotionally. She gets quite crabby. So a new medication should hopefully do the trick.

Oh I hear quiet ☺️ . Time for me to get some sleep and pray she sleeps through the night. Sleep well everyone 😴

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