She Got A Pool😍

Chloe loves the water❤️ It was really tough finding a pool. Since water parks and pools are closed people are buying pools at the store. I lucked out and found one at Aldi. Since we live in an apartment I took it to my parents. They have a private side porch that works perfect as a hangout for swimming.

Chloe was very excited when she saw her pool. She jumped right in! I, however, am not permitted in her pool. Lol. I enjoyed sitting back and watching her have a blast! I caught up on some reading.

It is suppose to rain the next 2 days, so we won’t get to swim again until Saturday. I’m hoping she sleeps better tonight after being in the pool all afternoon. Last night she was up until 1am😳. She slept until 10:30 this morning. She is making her own sleep schedule right now. Lol

We finished our day by making chicken enchiladas for us and my parents. Chloe sprinkled all the cheese on. She ate noodles instead😂. We are getting ready for a movie night and then hopefully she will fall asleep.

Hope everyone is healthy and well❤️

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