Life’s Been Crazy!

Wow it has been a crazy couple of days for me . I had an appointment with my gynecologist today, so I am on the road to recover.

Warning to my male followers, this may not be comfortable for you to read. Woman stuff coming your way! Lol

I am almost 49 and I know things are changing physically for me. The past 8 weeks I have had a nonstop period. Oh my goodness, it’s been rough. Well actually 3 weeks ago it got so l much worse. The bleeding got OUT OF CONTROL!! I couldn’t go anywhere and I got dizzy constantly from loss of blood. Anyway, I finally got into my Dr this morning and she said “Yes you have a problem and we will fix it”! I love her. She is an amazing gynecologist.

I am being sent for further testing in a few weeks and was given progesterone to reduce bleeding. I am already feeling so much better. The testing will show why this is happening. I have a history of ovarian cysts and other issues, so she is covering every base. If I end up needing surgery I will cross that bridge when we come to it.

So that is why I haven’t been posting as often. Just haven’t been feeling very well. I’ve always said as an Autism Mom that I can never get sick or die. So I’m glad the bases are being covered and I’m already feeling a bit better with the meds I got today.

Women out there take care of yourselves. If you think something going on with your body is off, get it checked out. Don’t wait until your feeling 10 times worse, like I did. Our kiddos need us to be healthy, happy Mamas😃

Be well out there ❤️❤️

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