Weight Loss Update

Happy Saturday 😁

I just completed week 4 of WW or Weight Watchers. I am using an app online to track points, report workouts and to weigh in. The app definitely makes it so much easier to keep track of food and points used. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants an easy way to lose weight.

I have lost 12 pounds so far and I’m down one size in clothes. My tops are so loose and baggy it’s time to find some smaller ones😃 I hope to look at a few consignment shops soon to find some tops to replace my “too big” ones.

I keep a list of zero point snacks in the front of my meal planner. I always make sure I have plenty of those around, for those days I have those horrible munchies. I also input meals and their points on my WW app. That way when I make a meal I just scroll down and tap that meal. The points go on automatically without me having to look up each individual food each time. I love it❤️

I bulk cook my meat and veggies. I also prepare my fruit by cutting it up and putting it in single serving bowls. Makes meal time a piece of cake. Mmmm cake😊 Actually I love pie better. Lol.

As far as exercise I do what I’m able. Since my fall I haven’t been able to workout as long, but I do something every day. Even walking 1 mile is better than nothing. I have been doing Yoga and strength training a few days a week as well.

So it is going well and I am happy with the program. A friend of mine, who lost 60 pounds on it, checks in with me daily. It’s a wonderful bonus☺️

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy❤️

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