Take A Deep Breath

Take a deep breath. That’s what I tell Chloe when she starts getting frustrated or is throwing a fit. It doesn’t always stop the episode, but it does get her attention for a moment.

As Chloe gets older it is definitely getting tougher to calm her down. She is closing in on puberty FAST!! She is to young mentally, emotionally and developmentally to understand what’s getting ready to happen. It is going to be a struggle….on both of us😥

I have been asked if I’m going to allow Chloe to have a menstrual cycle (sorry to the men reading this). Her pediatrician says she had to go through her first one before she can stop it. Yes I’m stopping it. I just hope she will take the pills or shot required. It will be an adventure either way🙂

Her Occupational Therapy starts back June 10th. I am so thankful. Her therapist is beginning to work on self care skills, which will help me at home. She is still on the waiting list for Speech and Physical therapy. I am looking at a few other places to try and see if they have spots open. I also need to find her a psychiatrist for her medication treatment. Now that places are slowly opening up I can start making calls.

I know once we get everything rolling I will see big improvements. Until then I’ll just…Take A Deep Breath❤️

Welcome to my new followers 😄

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