Music Soothes The Soul🎧

Hi Everyone!

Ok Moms and Dad’s we must find ways to reduce stress in our lives. Whether your child had special needs or not, we all get stressed! Do you know what relaxes me, other than writing? Music🎧

As I am writing this post Chloe is playing in her room and I have my music on (headphones on of course). I made a library of songs I love on YouTube and am currently rocking out to them 😝 . I am an 80’s and some 90’s music lover. I also have a separate library of calming, classical music. Chloe enjoys listening to it from time to time.

We all need an outlet to reduce stress. It has been scientifically proven that listening to music calms our heart rate and increases positive brain waves. It also boosts our overall mood☺️. I don’t always get to play music out loud , unless I’m alone, which is rare. I love to sing, but Chloe always says “Mom no singing”! I’m actually a pretty good singer, but she doesn’t want me singing over the song. Lol

I always feel so much better after listening to my music. I sing (quietly) and dance around the living room. Hello EXERCISE 😃

There are other ways I reduce stress. Like I said I love to write and I use to keep a journal. I love writing this blog and still have a goal to write a book.

Parents we must practice self care by reducing our stress anyway we can. I know it’s hard to find time, believe me I totally understand. Try your best to find a hobby or just listen to music for as long as you have time. It’s super important. If we are not doing well how can we be healthy to care for our children❤️

Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay healthy out there❤️

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