Summer Reading📚

Hi everyone 😊

I want Chloe and I to read more! Chloe loves books, but her reading goes in waves, depending on her mood. She use to read constantly, but lately I notice she hardly ever reads. So I decided to create our own Summer Reading Program. 

I also want to read more myself. Our library will reopen in a few weeks. I’m excited to check out some new books. I am making Chloe a chart where she can put stickers on for each book she reads. I also plan on giving her rewards for a certain number of books read. I haven’t decided on all of her rewards yet, but Ice cream with definitely be one of them. 

I hope to get her to read at least 20 minutes a day. I’m going to be reading more as well. We should set an example for our children. Have books around your home in their room and in the living room. Reading is so important for learning. Even if you are reading to your children it’s a wonderful thing to do. 

How do you work on reading in the summer?

I hope everyone is staying healthy❤️

Welcome to my new followers 😀

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