Healing Well

It’s been over 5 weeks since my fall. My nose is feeling way better and healing well. The cuts on my head and face are almost completely gone. I still have some places on my legs, but they are healing nicely. I still have headaches and get dizzy every now and then, but that’s improved as well. I definitely know how lucky I am.

I will admit I no longer walk the concrete steps down to my apartment. I walk in the grass. Steps in general make me nervous. I suppose I’ll get over it someday. I still need new glasses, but am making due untilI save up for a pair. These are working fine for now🙂.

As I sit under this tree, on this beautiful day, I remember my Doctor telling me he was shocked I didn’t get knocked out or that I didn’t crack my skull. It was one of the scariest incidents I’ve ever been through. Again I am so thankful my daughter Mattie was there to take care of me. She was amazing!

So I’m almost 100% healed . I just wanted to give everyone an update. I hope everyone is healthy out there. Thanks for stopping by😀

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