She Tried A New Food😊

popcorn in ceramic bowl

Hi Everyone 😊

As an Autism Parent one if our biggest battles is getting our kiddos to try new foods. Chloe has a very limited palate like most.  Over the years different foods have been introduced.  She usually won’t even try them.

I made some air popped popcorn and sat down to watch our movie.  She kept staring at my bowl. Then she reached in and took one piece out. I said “Try it, its crunchy”! She nibbled at it and put it back in my bowl. A few minutes later she grabbed another piece and ate it. Her face was strained as if she wasn’t to sure about it’s texture.  I kept encouraging her to try another one. She ended up eating 5 pieces.  VICTORY!!

Her Dad has tried for years to get her to try popcorn. She would always say “No Thanks”. So even eating 5 pieces is a victory in my book😊 

Little victories are still victories in our world. What food do you want your kids to try?

Stay Healthy❤

2 thoughts on “She Tried A New Food😊”

  1. Wow!! Congrats mom. I know how much it would have made you happy. Last week, my 9 yr old son filled his water cup from a dispenser, and the best part was he looked at the cup, checked the water level, and closed the tap on his own! we have been working on this milestone for years, and he achieved the target :))

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