I’m Playing😀

girl playing with a wooden toy house

So it’s the first day of summer break and as usual I planned lots to do. It is raining today, so lots of indoor activities. Chloe decided she just wanted to relax in front of the TV and then play in her room today. You know what? That’s ok😊

Chloe has definitely been playing with her toys a lot more. I live watching her play. They say kids with Autism lack imaginative play. Most have to learn it. Chloe definitely did have to learn it. When she was younger she would just line up toys and get frustrated when they wouldn’t stand up just right. She still gets frustrated, like right now she mad because her duck won’t sit in the bus exactly like she wants it to.

If I offer a craft or a game she says “I’m playing”!! So I am with her, but letting her play. Play is learning and if she plays every day this summer I’m fine with that😊 The virus is definitely changing up what we would typically do, so instead of making lots of “possible” plans, I’m just making up some activity bags and a binder in case she wants to do them🙂

Are your kids on sumner break yet? If so how is it going?

Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay healthy ❤


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