Last Week of School: Day 2

Good Afternoon 😊

Today Chloe and I walked on a different trail. We kept safe distance from everyone,  but we got to see so many different kinds of dogs. She was saying “That one black” and “That one big”!!

We also saw lots of people fishing. One man actually caught a fish right in front of us. Chloe didn’t know what to think.  He showed her the fish and she said “Back in the water”. Lol

We collected different leaves again. She threw yesterdays away. We took our time and made sure they were all different. We also got 2 rocks to paint  decorate and hide there. Here the kids paint and hide rocks for others to find. I thought Chloe would enjoy it.

We walked for over an hour and she only sat once, which is awesome! Then we came home and she wanted to play with her blocks, which is rare. Then we laid in bed and read books.

Hope everyone is well😊

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