Last Week of School: Day 1

Hi Everyone 😊

I wasn’t sure how the day was going to go. Chloe was awake from 1 to 5 am. She did go back to sleep and slept until 9, so that was good. She was still pretty sluggish when she got up and watched a few PBS kids shows before she wanted to get moving.

She played with her electronic learning toys for awhile and then told me “Get in the car”! So we met her older sister at The Nature Park and walked the trail. 

We stopped and looked at the signs along the trail. She also threw rocks in the creek. She wanted to get in the water, but her sister redirected her back to the trail.

We collected different kinds of leaves to make a nature collage with. We didn’t get to make it today, but will tomorrow. Chloe wanted to play when she got home and that always comes before crafts in my book.

We just finished reading books together and now its bath and movie night. Hoping she sleeps all night, so we can do more activities tomorrow.  

I hope all of you are well. Thanks for stopping by today😊

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