Quarantine Challenge

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Good Morning🙂

Sitting here in quarantine is getting pretty boring. I decided to challenge myself to really minimize every space. If I don’t use it, it’s gone. I’m pretty minimal already, but it is always good to go through your items every now and then.

When you live in a tiny space stuff can be very overwhelming.  I still need some shelving to organize certain areas, but I will look for those after quarantine is lifted.  I also think baskets are good for organizing.  The Dollar Tree has nice ones in beautiful colors.

All of our donation centers are closed right now. I believe they are part of the Phase 1 opening in our state. I have one box full already. So until then I’ll just keep filling the 2nd box. I am also planning on putting a few items in our apartment laundry room. Any way I can get stuff out of here.

I will be reorganizing the kitchen cabinets. I’m trying to make everything more accessible.  I also want a cabinet free for stocking up on can items. I am also making Chloe a snack basket. She always wants snacks, Lol, so now she can go into her basket and see what’s available.

So I’m just trying to keep busy during this long stay at home.

How are you spending quarantine at home? Share below.

Stay Healthy 💚💚

3 thoughts on “Quarantine Challenge”

  1. We are decluttering too – always! 😆 We are also using this time to prep our garden. Do you do any gardening? In an apartment you probably don’t have a garden plot but maybe a patio planter or community garden? I bet Chloe would enjoy growing food. My kids love it!

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