Learning at Home💚

Good Afternoon 😊

Chloe, as I have mentioned,  does not like working on her school packets. Her teacher told me not to stress over it. She said most of the kids in Chloe’s class are struggling. I still want Chloe to learn and stay busy, so here are the toys and activities she is enjoying doing this week.


I believe this is called Alpha Bot. It’s not written on it and I forgot the name. Lol. This is an awesome learning toy for phonics. He talks to her and asks questions.  One game has her find beginning and ending letters of words, by hearing the word said to her. Another goes over phonics sounds. She is getting very good at the games.

Next are her 2 laptop learning computers. The pink on is V-tech and the green one is from Leapfrog. The pink one has a mouse to use and the green one flips into a touch screen. They both have easy and difficult levels and both cover reading, phonics and math.


She loves her Magnadoodle!! She draws on it all through out the day. We also use it to practice writing and math facts. 


Magnet Letters are fun to learn with. You can make words and need 2 sets for words with double letters. I make a word and a letter out and she finds it and puts it in. I also have find beginning and ending letters of words I tell her. Say a sound of a letter and have her find it or she picks a letter and then tells me a word that begins with that letter.


girl in yellow shirt holding brown cake

Cooking is another great learning activity. We read, find ingredients, count and measure. Plus we have fun and get to eat what we make😊

So these are the learning activities we are doing at home, along with trying to do her school packets. Its always good to keep children with Autism busy and learning.

Stay Healthy❤

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