Mandatory Masks😲

Well the time has come where it will be mandatory to wear masks in certain businesses.  Some people have been wearing them since day 1. I have often wondered why this wasn’t mandatory back then, but oh well. So how does this affect us?

I haven’t been taking Chloe to any stores, except an occasional trip to Dollar General.  I actually stopped doing that 2 weeks ago. My Mom made me a mask, so I will wear it when I go buy groceries.  I have been working with Chloe to wear one, but she isn’t having it.

I found out that her therapy center may open back up in a week or so, but the kids have to wear a mask. I just  don’t know if she can or will do it. I’ll have to talk to her therapist about it. I’m having my mom make her a soft, thinner one. I’m not sure if she will ever put one on. I feel bad for her.

Our state is in Phase 1 of reopening certain businesses.  This begins May 1st and every other week another set of businesses open. I really hope there is not a spike in cases. I am so ready for this to start getting better. 

Are you wearing masks when you go out? Does your state have a mandatory mask ordinance in place? Share below.

I hope everyone is staying well❤

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