Planning Chloe’s Summer☀️

I remember my summer breaks as a child. No schedule, no set bedtime or wake up time, and we lived outdoors.  I played softball for our county league until I was 15 years old. Softball was my life in the summer. I really wish Chloe had summers like I use to, but she can’t. 

Chloe has to have some sort of schedule in place. It has been proven that children with special needs respond well to schedules. Does she follow it to a “T” every day? No, but her morning and evening routines are always the same. Right now, with Covid-19 messing up everything she knows, staying on schedule is tough. She has days that she is an emotional rollercoaster and no type of schedule will work. Then there are days she follows perfectly.

So now that we have less than 3 weeks of school left its time to plan summer activities. It will be so much harder this yr since everything fun is still shut down. If quarantine is lifted she will have play dates with friends and activity time with friends. I’m not sure that will happen though. 

I am starting to research activities I can do with her to keep her learning over the summer. I want her to do more arts and crafts, as well as cooking activities.  I’m hoping we can set up a pool at my parents, so she can swim. Swimming is her favorite thing to do during the summer time.

I am not 100% sure what this summer will be like. I really hope this virus settles down and everyone can enjoy life again. 

Are you trying to figure out summer for your family yet? 

Thanks for stopping by and Stay Healthy😊

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