Grocery Shopping During Covid-19


Oh isn’t grocery shopping fun right now? The only shopping I am doing right now is for groceries and household necessities.  I still see people doing their regular every day and I am not judging. I choose not to linger right now. I get in and get out.

I am going every 2 weeks to Aldi and Dollar General . I buy extra of the foods Chloe eats the most of. She is definitely eating more right now. Luckily fresh fruit is coming in now and she loves strawberries and grapes. In the beginning I was running to the store a lot more when this started because of people hoarding so much food. Now that it has slowed down I’m back to shopping every 2 weeks. 

Shopping is more difficult with Chloe. She doesn’t like grocery stores and gets anxiety in other stores. So my older daughter watches her when I go, which is so nice. Plus I can get all I need in one trip. It is very strange seeing 6 ft spaced tape on floors and people in masks. I’ll admit I’m quite uncomfortable right now. I so hope this is over soon.

How are you handling grocery shopping right now? Share below.

Stay Healthy ❤


3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping During Covid-19”

  1. yes, this is a very surreal time! Although I have gone out grocery shopping a few times, living with autoimmune issues we are having a weekly grocery delivery of mainly produce which is a HUGE blessing! Hope today is treating you well.

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