Simple Saturday Chat

photo of woman sitting on rock

Good Afternoon 😊

During this time of quarantine I have learned that I can live without so many things. So I decided in May to do a 31 Day Challenge.  I read about it on another blog. 31 days and 31 changes to use less, waste less and live with less.

I want to make most of our food from scratch, buy more fresh produce and buy way less packaged food. If it is in a package I plan for it to be recyclable.  I want to produce way less trash. *My dumpster is at the end of our street, so I definitely want to make less trips to it.*

Each day in May I will post what my challenge is and what I need to do to achieve my goal. Some days will be food related, some household related, and the others frugal/minimalism related. I am really going to focus on recycling when the recycling center reopens. I want Chloe to learn and be a part of this process. She has been learning about it in her school work. Ill be glad when we can do it, hands on.

Chloe is a fast food junkie. I have been slowly weaning her down to once a week, but my goal is 1 every other week. She is starting to handle me telling her no a lot better. If we go out I pack her lunch box and that seems to suit her just fine.

I know I won’t be perfect at low waste, but I really want to try. I think Chloe will enjoy taking the Recyclables to the center and sort6them into their bins. I also will involve her in more cooking from scratch with me. I’m hoping she will try some new foods.

I hope you will find a few challenges to apply to your life. Maybe you will have tips for me.

I hope all of you are staying healthy❤

Welcome to my new followers 😊

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