School at Home On This Rainy Day

Good morning😊

So it is pouring rain and I for one am glad. Little Miss Chloe has ran me ragged for 2 days. Lol. It is so tough on her to stay inside on a sunny day and the past 2 were beautiful 🌞

I loaded up a backpack with hand sanitizer,  snacks and water and headed to the local nature park. I’m pleased to say it wasn’t to packed and EVERYONE  was practicing social distancing.  There is so much space there we could walk trails and run around in open fields. We even found several picnic areas. We will be visiting those more often.

Today we are hunkered indoors watching the rain, playing games on the tablet, reading books and working on our school packet. It is nice to have a day to just rest. I have a book I have been trying to finish for weeks. Maybe today is the day🙂

I’m hoping to get Chloe to bake with me later today. She hasn’t really wanted to lately. Thats ok….we don’t need to eat cookies anyway. Lol

I really hope this virus settles down soon. I would love for Chloe’s therapy to begin again. School will hopefully begin again in August. We have 3 weeks left of NTI learning left. Chloe is already saying “Its Summer Break”! 3 more weeks girl😏

I hope all of you are feeling well❤

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