Week 5 of NTI School

abc books chalk chalkboard


So we are half way through Week 5 of NTI school at home. Is it any easier getting Chloe to do her packets? Nope, she stills fights every day. She is still not understanding what all this is about.

Her teacher is beginning to place many social stories in her packet, as I mentioned the other day, which is so helpful.  I’m trying to think of lots of hands on activities to go with them. She has had a lot of new things introduced to her the past 2 weeks. She is showing frustration with some of it, but she needs to be challenged.

Our NTI school yr ends May 15th. I am beginning work on her summer learning.  If quarantine lifts I will be inviting some of her friends to meet up for a weekly playdate/activity time. I really hope this virus hits the road soon.

I will be sharing what activities we do over the summer. I am hoping some of you find it useful.  Chloe has to stay busy, even on breaks. I want her to keep learning so she retains everything. I don’t want regression to occur.  I just try to make it fun for summer. I’m also doing a reading reward chart with her. She has quite the addiction to Happy Meals and Wendy’s.  I have been taking her way less and decided that will be her reward for her reading program.

So we are still working on school at home, like everyone else. We have 3 weeks left to go. How is NTI going at your house?

Hope everyone stays well😊❤

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