Walking Trail With Social Distancing

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Hi Everyone 😊

Chloe woke up ready to argue today. Lol.  She wanted to get out of the house bad! I told her school first, then we would find somewhere safe to go.

She fought me for an hour, but finally got her school work finished. I decided we would go to the Nature Park. It is very spread out and has several walking trails. It was beautiful today and I really wanted to get her out.

Everyone at the park practiced social distancing well  it wasn’t crowded at all. We walked over 3 miles, with lots of stops. Chloe’s toe walking causes her feet to hurt and she has to rest. I was super proud of her. Its beautiful there. We may go back soon and collect items for a craft activity. 

Trying to find safe places to go isn’t easy right now, but I do what I can for her. Have any of you gotten your kids out and about, while practicing social distancing?

I hope all of you are well.


2 thoughts on “Walking Trail With Social Distancing”

  1. We are blessed to live in a rural area where we can find hiking trails that are empty right now. I’m glad you can take Chloe for walks. Getting outside at this time feels vital to me.

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