Covid-19 Our Update

Hi Everyone😊

As I was on my way to pick up Chloe’s Week 5 school packet I heard schools are officially closed the rest of this school year. I dreaded telling Chloe and she reacted exactly as I expected.  She was sad and even cried a  little. I was very thankful that her wonderful teacher put in a social story about all of this in her packet.

If you don’t know what a social story is, it is a book with pictures and basic text that helps Chloe understand difficult things a bit better.

So how are we holding up during this time? She does her school work, plays outside when able and we occassionally go for drives with the windows down. Chloe lives for that! We have done a lot of reading and drawing. She still begs to go to the playground and I have to explain for the 100th time why we can’t go. Its tough for her most days. We cook and bake together some days. We just get through each day hoping this comes to an end soon.

Chloe and I were sick for weeks in early February . I believe we had a strain of this virus. We had fever,cough, runny/stuffy noses, throwing up and Chloe was on breathing treatments.  It lasted 3 weeks and we still felt bad for a week longer after the fever broke.

So we are hanging on like everyone else I guess. I hope all of you are healthy and stay that way. 😊

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