We Have Beds😊

bed bedroom comfort contemporary

Hi Everyone! I hope you are happy and healthy😊

Today was an exciting day! Chloe and I have been sleeping on blowup beds and other things since February.  We were thankful for them, but couldn’t wait for the day we would have beds.  When I got the phone calls that we have beds on the way we were excited!

Chloe’s bed came from her uncle. She was very excited to see it come in. She kept telling me to put on the princess blanket. She put all her stuffed buddies on there and got on it and played.

A few hours later my bed, given to me by a very sweet friend came in. It had a new mattress with it, which was a major blessing😍 Luckily I had sheets and blankets for both.

My only concern with Chloe and I sharing a room is I snore. I just hope I don’t wake her up. I am looking forward to stretching out on it and getting a good night’s sleep tonight.

I have been seeing more and more people helping others during this time. I have been the recipient of several gifts and blessings. I look forward to paying it forward. Our place is starting to come together.

Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my new followers 😊

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