Simple Sunday Chat

woman in white top holding a mug

Happy Sunday😊

As quarantine continues I have been thinking about changes I want to make after it is lifted. I have always tried to minimize my belongings, but I need to work more on organization. I truly want to live with as little stuff as possible.

Living in a tiny apartment makes this task more difficult.  How? Well everything is more cramped together, which can make it looked cluttered if I have to much. I am taking this time at home to see what I really use and what I don’t.  Once quarantine is lifted and stores open I’ll be donating and selling quite a few items. My trunk is half full already 😲

Another area I’m looking at is being more environmental.  Using less to no plastic, which isn’t always easy. Once recycling opens back up I am setting up a recycling bin in our kitchen. I want to purchase less plastic at the grocery as well. It’s tough since Chloe is such a picky eater.  I would love to have way more fresh produce and less canned items. I just have to make sure we eat it. It goes to waste so fast!

Simplifying life in these areas will be beneficial for us in general. I am looking forward to this virus quarantine being over so I can get started minimizing and simplifying.  Less Stuff, Less Trash, Less Waste.

Have a wonderful afternoon and stay healthy😊

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