Cooking Together

pizza on brown wooden table

Hi everyone! I hope you are all happy and healthy.

I love cooking with my girl. Her teacher even told me to count cooking activities as part of her school work. It contains reading, math and life skills. Since we moved I haven’t done very many cooking activities with Chloe. Our counter space is limited. Once we have a bigger kitchen table that will change.

Tonight we decided to make pizza🍕 This is one of Chloe’s favorite meals. I make it with wheat flour to make it easier on her stomach. She loves pouring in the ingredients and kneading the dough. After I flatten it out she puts on the sauce and cheese. I have a hard time keeping her from eating handfuls of cheese.  Lol

My favorite part of cooking with her is her giggling. She laughs through the whole process, which means she’s having fun. When its time to eat I remind her that she helped me make it and it is delicious 😋

It is tough on Chloe being home so much. She’s an active girl and loves the outdoors.  We are into our 4th week of NTI (school) and no therapies.  She misses both and talks about them every day. We will get through this and hopefully get back to a normal life soon.

Everyone stay safe and healthy❤

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