Eating So Much!!

Hi Everyone! I hope your week is going well and you are staying healthy.

Chloe is really struggling with wanting to eat ALL THE TIME!!  The foods above are treats she gets occassionally.  Ill admit , when we first moved here, she got more Happy Meals than I wanted her to. I am now giving them only as an end of the week reward.

I know she is, as many of us quarantined at home, eating out of boredom. I just went to the grocery and stocked up for 2 weeks. She instantly wants to eat everything up. We go at it daily when it comes to food. She never gets full and will eat until she throws up.

I’m trying to involve her more in food preparation. Hopefully that will help her want to try new foods. She is such a picky eater, as most children with Autism are.

Once this virus is over I hope to get her into feeding therapy.  Until then I will work with her the best I can.  I’m thinking of buying locks for the fridge and food cabinets.  She will just open them and go at it some days.

Are your kids eating out of boredom while stuck at home? Share below.

Have a great night and stay healthy 😊

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