Week 4 NTI Here We Go!

close up of girl writing

Good Morning 😊

I apologize for not posting, but last week was quite a hectic one. Chloe’s at home learning was a lot of online work I couldn’t get to work on my phone. I actually begged her teacher to go back to a paper work packet, which she happily made for her. 

Chloe loves to play on the tablet, but only if she chooses the game.  So she does way better, as far as school work, if its in a binder. Her teacher has been amazing during this time. She checks on us daily and provides books for us to read as well. She also gave Chloe some sidewalk chalk, with holders. I look forward to Chloe getting back to school so I can get to know all of her teachers better😊

She is on the couch right now reading books. I am so proud of how well she reads.  She definitely loves books😍 I am also wanting to begin a read aloud with her again. I don’t believe we will return to school this school year, so I am planning summer school at home already. This virus has really set us back, but I know it won’t last forever. 

I pray everyone is well and keeping sane while staying home. If you are an essential employee my prayers and thanks for all of you🤗

I am going to be posting more often now that we are settled in. It’s tough to come up with posts when your home all the time. Lol.

Have a safe and wonderful day🙂

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