OT Therapy at Home

Hi everyone 😊

Sorry I haven’t posted in a week or so. It’s just been crazy with this Covid-19 quarantine going on. Miss Chloe is not enjoying any of it. She misses her school, her friends and the parks. She lets me know it by being super moody. She does verbally express her feelings about it, but doesn’t accept any explanations why she can’t go, see or do what she wants.

We are on Week 3 of NTL (Non Traditional Learning). It has been challenging,  but we will get through it. Her school OT and Speech therapists send home and Skype with me and Chloe. Today I worked on the handout of activities they sent me. She loved putting buttons on the spaghetti stuck in play dough. I sometimes use beads, but tried buttons today.  I also hid puzzle pieces in her sensory bucket. She giggled the whole time she dug out letters. 

We do OT activities every day.  She actually enjoys them. I’ll be thankful when we have a more stable kitchen table so she can do a lot more activities.  

I hope all of you are well. Welcome to my new followers 😁

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