Week 3 in Quarantine ☹



So we are entering Week 3 of quarantine.  It is getting harder for Chloe to stay in. She wakes up and sees that it is sunny and asks to go to the park. I explain that we can’t and the tears and fits begin. I so hate this for her and well everyone else.

Our Governor is having to get tougher here with restrictions because so many people are gathering.  I can’t believe it is still happening!! If we would stay home, those that can, this would end so much sooner. Then we can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, without fear. I get angry because Chloe finally had a wonderful school, school therapists and therapy outside school. Now all that is gone until this ends. I’m so saddened by those who have lost family members. It just doesn’t seem real some days.

So Chloe and I carry on with each day. This week I am doing more hands on activities with her. She does so much better when busy. I hope to do some cooking activities as well.

So how is quarantine going where you live? Share in the comments.

Stay healthy and have s good day🙂


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