Week 2 of School at Home Complete

abc books chalk chalkboard

Happy Friday 😁

We have officially finished week 2 of our public school at home. Chloe’s teacher has worked very hard to make her students work fun and even added in Starfall learning. Chloe did a really good job, despite her behavior issues.

I love how the worksheets are cut and paste, so she can work on fine motor skills. They supplied a box filled with scissors,  glue, pencils and markers. I am so loving her new school. I just pray she can return before the end of the school yr. 

We have been reading tons of books and working on OT and Speech activities as well. Her OT and Speevh therapists from school sent home a sheet with activities to do each day. They also stay in contact with me via phone and email. I really appreciate them so much.

Unless our Governor says differently I will be picking up her packet for next week on Monday morning. They are left in crates out in front of the school. They are seperated by grade. Chloe’s class crate is separate from the others. So we will push on each week and pray this virus is gone soon.

I pray all of you are well. Thanks for stopping by today😊

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