First Quarantine Meltdown

So it happened…Chloe’s first meltdown during the quarantine ☹

I tried to load some nice pictures of her before the meltdown, but I have had trouble getting pictures to upload lately.

We were outside getting some fresh air and exercise. She was having fun jumping on the steps that run along side of our building. I told her we could play outside 1 hour, because she still had more school to finish. I set the alarm on my phone.  Unfortunately,  when the timer beeped, she was not having her time outside end. I stood my ground, which didn’t phase her one bit. 

She threw herself down in the grass and started yelling “Outside”!!! I was like “Oh boy here we go”. I sat down with her with her schedule and the timer. I said “The timer beeped, now we go in for a snack and reading time”. She didn’t budge. She started to pace and cry. This went on for 25 minutes. I finally tried to physically move her. Chloe weighs over 100 pounds and is my height. I finally got her to the door. She walked in and cried for another 15 minutes. Oh my neighbors just love us….NOT!!!

She calmed down and started laughing.  Oh my goodness.  I was whipped!! So I need a tshirt that says..

I Survived My Child’s First Meltdown During Quarantine

You have to laugh it off or it will get to you.  I hope all of you are well and happy.

Thanks for stopping by😊

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