It’s Time To Grow Up!!


Happy Monday😊

Today I want to talk about how people are behaving during this Coronavirus.  I live in a state that fortunately hasn’t seen big numbers of infected people….yet. Our town had shut down schools, some factories and unnecessary businesses. Our Governor is doing a wonderful job of keeping us informed and making sure shutdowns are taking place to help prevent higher spread of the virus.

What I am ashamed of is the hoarding of things people desperately need. Toilet paper has become like gold, which is crazy. Yes we need it, but hoarding it until no one else can have any is just wrong. I have slowly built up enough of everything that Chloe and I can stay home for up to 2 weeks before needing more supplies. I went on a search for eggs yesterday since I am making a lot from scratch. When we got to Kroger I was in shock of the many empty shelves,  but more at the attitudes of customers.  Those employees are risking their health for you. We all need to think of each other during this time. I have said many times ” It is time to grow up”!!

Stop buying up everything, so others may have what they need. Help others who need food and be kind when shopping. When I couldn’t find eggs a friend of mine messaged me and said she had extra eggs for me. I was brought to tears by her kindness. She has a heart for service for sure.

Let’s all grow up and help each other. It will make getting through this time much easier.

Be safe and Stay Healthy ❤

4 thoughts on “It’s Time To Grow Up!!”

  1. I think it’s the same everywhere and that’s so sad! It is very selfish of people to buy more than they need. There was a weekend we couldn’t find eggs at the store and had to go without for several days.

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      1. That does not surprise me (about families buying more than their fair share). I could never do that even if we could really use more. I do feel for larger families who have more mouths to feed. There are limits on many items here, as well. I find it rather depressing to shop at this time.

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