Not Going Well At All!!

Good Morning

It has been a long first week at home. Chloe has been giving me so much resistance in doing her school packet. She has already fallen behind. We have 3 days to catch up on. I am trying a reward system. She loves getting my phone to watch playground videos. So using it as an incentive.

She is also starting to have mini tantrums. She doesn’t understand parks are closed or that she can’t go to the mall play area. Its tough on children like her. It’s raining so much we can’t even get outside to play☹

As the Coronavirus spreads we stay inside more. I have food and yes toilet paper. I didn’t hoard, just got a few weeks worth. Im very disappointed in the people running in the stores clearing shelves before others can get there.  We need to pull together. I believe this is a test from God and America is failing!! Help each other.

So we are home trying to get through this mess and praying it ends soon.

How are all of you?

Have a healthy and blessed day❤

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