Day 1 Homebound School

abc books chalk chalkboard

We just finished Day 1 of our public school homebound packet. Chloe was not excited about doing school work. She thinks she is on break. She doesn’t understand all of this commotion or that there is a bad virus out there.  I wouldn’t even know how to explain it to her.

I love her teacher and school therapists.  They set up everything so well. Chloe has a binder with specified work for each day of the week. Her therapists sent home a box of activities along with instructions and other ideas. So thankful for them.

Our school system is also providing free breakfast and lunches for all students.  We have to pick it up, so not sure I will do that. The nearest school is still quite a drive and I’m trying to save on gas.

So I’m back to homeschooling,  but with curriculum provided. Chloe is starting to get stir crazy already,  so after OT therapy tomorrow I may take her to my parents so she can run off some energy. She has been scripting a lot!! Red flag that she needs movement. It’s been raining a lot, so hopefully tomorrow will be nice out.

We are chugging along here, praying this virus goes away soon. I hope all of you are safe and well. Take care and prayers for good health.

Have a good evening 😊

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