No School For 3 Weeks😲


Good Morning 😊

Well schools in our state have shut down because of the coronavirus. I know this is a serious illness, but the media is making it worse, of course. I want what’s best for everyone,  but this will affect Chloe greatly.  She was just getting into the groove of her school schedule.

Our school system is doing at home learning for students. Chloe will get a packet of work for the next 2 weeks to complete. The 3rd week is our designated Spring Break, so no school that week. So I guess Im homeschooling again the next 2 weeks😀.

This virus is serious, like the flu, but I think it is also a political thing. The timing is strange, but again safety is important for everyone. I am just horrified by empty store shelves and rude people. We forget that we need to come together and help others, not be so rude and unloving.

So Chloe won’t return to school until April 3rd, hopefully.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day

2 thoughts on “No School For 3 Weeks😲”

  1. It is the same here and I think everywhere. It is a practical safety measure to slow the spread of the virus and hopefully get us through this pandemic sooner than later. Shopping has indeed become a nightmare. Anyway, enjoy this time with Chloe. You’re a pro at homeschooling!

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