Haircut and Picture Day

Good Morning 😊

Today is Chloe’s first School picture day in 3 years😁

I needed her hair trimmed and layered for today. On Monday my older daughter Mattie came over and trimmed Chloe’s hair. Chloe loves her and will let her do things no one else is allowed to. Lol. Her hair looks so much better. 


Spring school pictures have to be paid for in advance.  I always thought that was unfair. I think we should see the pictures first and decide on what we want. So it’s a roll of the dice😏 Her past pictures were super cute. So I guess we will wait and see. 

The toughest part of this is what she will wear. I can’t just go buy an outfit I think is pretty, because she most likely won’t wear it. So i pick 2 tops from her closet I think will be ok and let her choose. 

I’m excited to have a new picture of her. It’s been awhile. I will share it with you when they come back.

Welcome to my new followers 😍

Have a wonderful day

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