Great Report From Teacher🍎

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Good Morning🍎

Chloe is doing so well in school. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Her teacher sends me texts about her progress often. I love it❤

I recently got pictures sent to me showing how Chloe is learning addition with carrying over. We were beginning to work on this in homeschool before i placed her back in school. Her teacher said she is catching on quick. She also said Chloe’s reading skills were outstanding! That made me feel good. I always worried if I was teaching her well enough.

Chloe receives Speech and OT Therapy at school. She is very happy with her therapists. Next week I have a meeting at the school to set up a new evaluation for her since its been 3 years. I am excited to meet her other Special Education teachers and therapists.

I called today to get the appointment for Chloe’s Occupational Therapy Evaluation at her therapy center outside school. We are going to be quite busy once everything gets set up. I, for one, am very excited for Chloe to get the services she so desperately needs.

Chloe’s behavior has improved a lot since starting school. She is calmer and going to bed without fussing. She has buddies at school and outside school. I am so happy for her😊

2 thoughts on “Great Report From Teacher🍎”

  1. So happy school is having such a positive affect on Chloe! And of course you taught her enough! You accomplished great things with your daughter when you homeschooled. Way to go Mama! 👏🏻

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