Back To School…Finally


Good Morning 😊

Yesterday was Miss Chloe’s first day back to school. She was off an entire week! She wasn’t very happy when I turned on her light at 6:00 am yesterday morning. She said “Mom lay down”. Lol

Once she was up she was moving right through her schedule.  She is still having trouble eating, but ate some of the light foods I sent in her lunchbox.  She was very excited to see her buddy and she got to go to the playground.  She was very happy when I picked her up.

She has school pictures coming up, which I am excited about. I need a new picture of her. Her sister Mattie is trimming her hair for me. It’s been forever! So thankful Mattie helped with that, since I can’t take Chloe to Great Clips.

So she is back to school and I am working cleaning houses. I’m self employed for now. This Fall I may find a different job, but for now I love this😊

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a great day🙂

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