Beautiful Day🌞

What a beautiful day we had yesterday! 

Chloe and I have been sick for 2 weeks. Today was the first day we felt like being outside. I took Chloe by the lake to play. It was packed! There are several playground areas there, so I found the least crowded one. She was quiet, but enjoyed herself.

I am happy she is finally doing better and can get back to school. She still has a cough, but no congestion or fever. She is having a hard time eating. If she eats anything heavy she throws up. So I sent very light foods on her lunchbox. This flu virus is a monster!!!

I’m glad she got to play today since we are expecting rain the next 4 days😲 This week Chloe should finally get tp begin therapy outside school. Just waiting on her insurance cards. They were sent to the wrong address the first time🙄.

So we are both on the mend and getting back on track😊

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