Update/After School Schedule

Good Morning 😊

Chloe is still battling her flu. She isn’t keeping her medication down. The Dr said to try one more dose and if she can’t keep it down we will try something else. She may or may not return to school this week☹

Just like our morning schedule, our afternoon one has changed a bit as well. Here is our After School to Bedtime Routine.

2:20- I pick Chloe up from school

2:45- Get home and have a snack. Talk about her day😊

3:00-5:00- This slot is filled with indoor/outdoor play. Some days therapy.

5:00- Supper/Help clean up

5:45-6:15- Reading Time/Homework if any

6:15-6:45- Bath time

6:45-7:15- Quiet play

7:15- Take Bedtime Medication/Brush Teeth

7:30- Potty, Bedtime Stories, Pray and kisses 


I want Chloe in bed no later than 7:30 because we get up so early. Some nights she may be up later, but rarely. Chloe needs a lot of sleep to function well. It does get tougher when the time changes,  which happens this weekend.  She is like “It’s still day”!!

So that is our schedule for After School to Bedtime.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day 🙂


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