Our Morning Routine

Good Afternoon 😊

Well Chloe was diagnosed with the Flu this morning. She has her meds and is home until Thursday.  I thought, while we are both laying here resting I would share our new Morning Routine with you.

Since Chloe has returned to Public School our mornings have drastically changed. We get up WAY earlier than we are use to and have to move at a more steady pace to get to school on time.

Here is our Monday through Friday schedule when school is in session.

6:00 am: Wake Up (I get up at 530, so I can get ready)

Eat Breakfast/Put dishes in the sink

Wash Face/Brush Teeth

Brush Hair 

Put on Clothes

Put on shoes/Coat

Get Backpack and Lunchbox 

6:55 am: Go to the car/Off to school

7:15- Take Chloe to her Classroom 

We move at a steady pace the whole time. I play gentle, but upbeat music to get us going. She enjoys that 😊.

Hopefully Chloe will get rested and back on her feet by Thursday. Do you have a morning routine with your kids? Share below.


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