What A Rough Night😢

Good Morning

Seeing your child sick is so hard!! I have been blessed with Chloe for the past 3 years. She hasn’t been sick but a handful of times. Now I have to be prepared for more illness now that she is out in the world more.

After I posted last night Chloe got worse FAST! Her cough got nasty and the fever rose. She crawled into bed at 10 pm last night and is still there. I asked her if she wanted to come into the living room, but she said “No”. So I have been quietly getting dressed, doing dishes and making a list of things i will need picked up, since I can’t get out to get them. 

I will definitely take her to the Dr tomorrow,  which will upset her massively. She hates going. Her Dr is wonderful,  but Chloe hates to be tested for anything.  I need them and pray they can rule out Flu A. It is running rampant here. I’m sure they will test for strep as well. It will take a few of us to hold her down for that☹.

Once I can get out I am going to stock up on Vitamin C and Elderberry Syrup. Chloe takes a lot of Vitamins,  but adding extra Vitamin C will hopefully be beneficial. 

So this week will be a toss up, as far as when Chloe returns to school. Hopefully she will be on the mend soon❤ 

Have a wonderful Sunday🙂

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