She Is Sick☹


Hi Everyone

Well that didn’t take long. 4 days at school and my girl is sick☹ She may have gotten it from me or at school, not sure. Chloe coughs a lot anyway from her allergies, but she is laying around and not eating much.  Those are the 2 big red flags to know she is not well.

I got her some medicine and she is taking it, thank goodness. Flu A is running rampant here right now. I am praying she doesn’t have it. I’m going to try the medicine for a few days and if she’s not any better I’ll take her to the Dr.

I knew her going back to school would bring more illness into our home, but I know it was the best move. I need to get her on vitamin C pronto! That is a huge benefit of homeschooling. Chloe hasn’t been sick very often in the past 3 years, which has been great! This is a big adjustment.

Hopefully we both get well soon🙂

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